Ana utilises tarot as an effective means of projecting messages from high level spirit guides who convey messages of encouragement, awakening, and love. When she channels she achieves an expanded state of consciousness and a higher vibrational state that allows her to connect to the guides. Ana loves the wisdom of tarot cards because they contain energy that allows one to change the future in self-responsible way by showing you different possibilities in relation to your situation, whether it be connected to love, career, health, prosperity etc., and can gently guide you to your desired outcome.

As I channel, I am able to influence your life-force energy to help you heal and rise at a higher, more loving level.I will open you up to a deeper insight to your current situation, and help you shift your energy to one that will attract your desires with ease and joy.You will leave our session with mental and practical tools to use on your journey further, while having a basic understanding of how the universe works, so that you NOW can start living a life that is in alignment with your true life purpose! I’m a medium to high level spirit guides who projects energies of unconditional love, understanding, compassion, and joy.


✧ Ana sometimes feel you must include the 5elements (earth, water, fire, air, intention) helping emotions healing, focus that need processing, open up the roads in a given situation, gives you a personalized RITUAL, so that you can connect to the unit, listen your inner voice, in tune with syncrhodestiny, workship with plants, sea, meditating, mindfullness … maybe I Recomend you a quartz …

I’m simply here to lead you into to a deeper connection with your soul and higher consciousness, so that you can see things much clearer. My reading will re-examine the way you thought about yourself and the life you’ve been living. Soon, you’ll be able to reach upwards into spiritual realms where your own spirit guides exists.

I’m here to open you up to spiritual truths and help you understand how the universe works, so that you can work WITH it’s forces, which will result in you creating a life where you feel aligned with your Divine life purpose. It will feel like the first blush of love… I want you to find back to the space within you where excitement and illuminations.


Channeling does not take away your lessons and opportunities to grow. It allows your to see more clearly, so that you can take more appropriate actions and accomplish things with ease rather than with struggle. I will put you in the right direction where growth, passion, and aliveness lives! You’ll be guided to take the life changes you’ve been wanting to take, and times the magic with a million!

When you make a conscious decision to put your energy into growing spiritually and aligning yourself with your true life purpose, while also serving others, you WILL be abundantly rewarded.

I work through my spirit guides, but I also use tarot cards to get the Divine messages through. Whatever feels more natural between me and my client, is what I choose to work with. I believe that my client and I have already met – energetically – before a possible reading, and it’s the energetic connection that determines how I decide to let my message come through.





In person

✧✧✧Consult presencial or Distance : 25 eur

✧✧✧ DISTANCE: Email or voice by skype,  whatsapp , facebook….