Wellness Mindfulness Coach

*Montly Payments Plan Available


Knowing who you are.

There is the right time and space for everything

Can become the compass that helps you make decisions that are truly in alignment with your desired future and vision. You are looking for support on your path and want to create or follow your goals  in a way that feels true to you, is lead by your core values and in alignment with your Body Sould Mind .

In this coaching package we will deep dive, shape and align the energy layers of your armony , goals , health , nourishh your own essence . Through the ·4 Weeks Online Coaching session you will unravel, gain clarity and confidence on your own and unique journey.I will see you during our work together and hold the space for you, your growth.



Nourishing your Body Soul Mind

Spiritual and personal grow

4 Weeks Online Coaching (Emails— Study Pdf)

4 Private or Whatsapp /Facebook Video

Sessions Resources Support Your Journey
My areas of Speciality are:

Spiritual Women— Mens Thera.phy / Health

Find your inner compass— Goals

In tune with Nature / cemonias/ 

Natural remedies Healings recipes


This coaching package supports you in finding your values, awakening your true essence, be in balance Body ,Soul ,Mind . GUIDES MESSAGES  so you can stop looking on the outside for direction and turn inwards for wisdom. The journey you will take through our time together will help you express, refine, define yoour healthy habits to your own path life destiny.Become the compass that helps you make decisions that are truly in alignment with your desired future and vision.

Are you ready to...

.take on responsibility for you and your life …

lead from the inside out Body Soul Mind …

make space for the whispers of your soul. …

trust fully in your path being Healthy …

emerge yourself and take aligned action Be balance . …

committed to create and grow your goals …

Be armonized in al area of your life for follow YOUR DESTINY

Your invest in you


Distance Nature Aura Cleanses

Although we know that Body, Mind, and Spirit our intimately connected. NATURE Cleansing, go beyond , is a deep and intensive practice where delve into the invisible realm of Mind and Spirit in order to correct imbalances .  Channeling with guides who help open up a healing space in order to explore these profound and sacred invisible realms.Working in connection with five Eleements Plant Medicine / CLEAN YOUR  FIELD/AURA . Heal in order to harmonize the brilliant light within souls and that you keep the correct path of your OWN ESSENCE , FEEL YOUR HEART, THERE  IS A POWER IN YOU… .

SAID WITH ME : I am willing to open up to new insights and information ,
healing about wellness. I am willing to understand
new and deeper truths concerning health.
I am open to and asking for understanding, wisdom a
nd knowledge in regards to my balance : body •soul•mind .
I am open.
I am ready.
I am willing.
I am asking
. Show me all you have for me.

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