Reiki is a system of natural harmonisation (recognised and approved by the World Health Organisation) that uses universal life energy to treat physical and mental diseases and imbalances. The practice involves the practitioner transmitting Reiki (vital energy) to the receiver through their hands in order to alleviate or eliminate discomfort and disease. It is a harmless energy, without side effects, and it is practical, safe, efficient and compatible with any other type of therapy.

The Reiki method is based on the Buddhist belief but for me YOU CAN CALLED GOD, BUDA , JESUS CHRIST TROUGHT, UNIVERSE, NATURE ,EVEN  ENERGY OF A TREE  vital energy through the body is what ensures a good state of health. Reiki energy is directed to different areas of the receivers body, unlocking them and enhancing the recovery process of the recipient.

Distance Reiki is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables you receive Reiki session beyond the limitations of time and space. It expands the practitioner’s ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch.
Examples of benefits of Reiki:
• Injuries: To accelerate the healing process and to weld bone lesions. Reduce inflammation i, sprains, heal torn muscles etc.
• Infections: It helps the body to increase its ability to fight against viral diseases, strengthening its immune system etc .
• Cancer: It has been used successfully in combination with chemotherapy to help the body maintain the physical strength necessary for treatments.
• Depression and aggressiveness: Reiki serves to balance people energetically and emotionally in diferent cases.





Distance Nature Aura Cleanses

*Montly Payments Plan Available

Although we know that Body, Mind, and Spirit our intimately connected. NATURE SPIRITUAL Cleansing, go beyond , is a holistic and intensive practice where we delve into the invisible realm of Mind and Spirit in order to correct imbalances .  Channeling with guides who help us open up a healing space in order to explore these profound and sacred invisible realms. We work with Plant Medicine formulas into DISTANCE to do ceremonies to clean your energy FIELD/AURA  NOTHING  TO DRINK ( ONLY TO CLEAN WITH NATURE YOUR BODY ·SOUL)  , see through the veil of illusion, heal in order to harmonize the brilliant light within souls and that you keep the correct path of your OWN ESSENCE , FEEL YOUR HEART, THERE  IS A POWER IN YOU… .

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